At the finish line…183 miles later!

Finally, I have made it to the end of my journey and what a journey it has been..

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in whatever way they can.Finish at TB



Day 15 – nearly there…!

Started off from Putney To Tower Bridge a little later today. Had missed a short stretch and had to make sure I am exactly doing the route so backtracked a little! Joined by Labisi, Paul, John, Thandi, Bev and Blain..

Last night, Bev put my feet in iced water and I had a lavender bath, heaven..!

Day 15 2

Day 15 3

Day 12: Feet taking a pounding…

Today is the Old Windsor to Shepperton part of the walk.  Nyasha said she is getting tired and her feet are really swollen.  Today she is walking with Thandi, Marigold, Paul and John.

Special thanks to Acute Service, North East London Foundation Trust for all their generous donations. We are now at over £4,200 including offline donations. Wow!!

Keep going Nyasha!day12stretching Day12sign day12

Day 11 – Maidenhead to Old Windsor. Found a novel way to take the weight off our feet.

Day 11- Hanging from a tree

Want a rest? Why not climb a tree! We also received wonderful hospitality from the lovely people at River House.  We had a fabulous tea in their beautiful establishment and they furnished us with water to see us through to our next stop.  Thank you so much. It really made such a difference.

Day 11 - River House

A big thank you to Thandi, Marigold and Leanne for the continued support.

And, if you click on this post you will see that it wasn’t all sunshine!!

Day 10 – I have a new appreciation for ‘Old Father Thames’

Nyasha Paddling
How wonderful…….

We walk and walk and round every turn is a surprise.  Paddling was a fabulous relief for our aching feet.  And, then there was the fantastic view of Marlow, which you will see if you click on this post.

The feet are beginning to suffer but thoughts of our animals such as our very special pig keep us going.


Now its getting harder!  My feet are very swollen but we are determined to carry on.  Thoughts of a wonderful pig back at the farm keep us going, as we know how much people love coming to the farm and how much they get out of it.

Your donations could provide the much needed animal stabling that would make all the difference

During a respite from the walking, The Farm’s CEO, Cathryn, and I had time to contemplate the fabulous barn we are raising funds for.  Click on this post to see an image of what we are hoping to achieve. Please give generously to help us realise our aim to breed more animals on the farm and to help even more deserving children and adults.

Click here to make a donation through Justgiving

Vana lamb2

Tea at our CEO’s House

Click on this link to hear our CEO  who is filming us we enjoy a much needed tea break at her home.  As CEO of the Vana Trust she has been highly supportive of our efforts on this walk.  It was a lovely way to break are 14ml section between Sonning and Marlow.

Day 8 – Thandi benefits from Nyasha’s many talents

Day 8

Having had a great day with the team at the beginning of week two, which included enjoying the wonderful views from Sonning bridge, Thandi seems to be enjoying my massage techniques on her aching feet.

We are raising money for Vana Trust Organic Farm.  Not only do we breed animals we also grow an amazing array of organic vegetables which are sold at a range of local outlets.

Vana Trust Vegetables 2